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    Active Lifestyles require the right fuel in the tank.

    Working with A Nutrition Coach will help you build healthy eating habits, Feel good,

    and set your body up for your best success in and out of the gym.

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    AbOUT LAura Willson

    Laura received her Bachelor’s of Science in Biochemistry from the University of St. Thomas. During her undergraduate studies she also completed her RYT-200 yoga teacher certification and taught yoga for several years. In 2015 she completed the CrossFit L-1 training and has been coaching since. In 2020 she completed the M2 Performance Nutrition Coaching Certification to become a nutrition coach.


    Her interest in nutrition started after years of being plagued with stomach problems, anxiety, low energy, many doctor visits, and zero answers as to what was causing her ailments. Through her nutrition education and application to her own diet, she learned how to properly nourish her body to fuel her athletic endeavors and active lifestyle. She was amazed at how incorporating foundational nutritional concepts and practices improved her strength and performance in the gym and her overall quality of life.


    Her goal with coaching is to help others realize their potential by establishing strong nutritional practices and habits to live their best and healthiest lives!


    Laura enjoys chasing athletic performance, traveling and hiking, and has a soft spot in her heart for all dogs.


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